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About Us

        Qingdao Lvzhouyuan Peanut Foodstuff Co., Ltd is Located in Laixi City,Shandong Province,Which is a Part of main shandong peanut growing area. As a modern enterprise, it isspecialized in collecting, stock, peocessing and trading of ageicultural products and importing ang exporing business..It has passed HACCP & BRC International Quality System Certicate,SC production license. Up to now in has been honored as following:“Abiding Contract,Best Credit Enterprise”,“Best Taxpayer Enterprise”and “Excellent Pribate enterprise”.

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Add:GuChengZhuang Village Laixi Qingdao Shandong - Tel:+86-532-88480383 - Fax:+86-532-88488245
Phone:+86-15054222000 - E-mail:laixipeanut@126.com lzy-lisa@xwd.com  QQ:591668229  
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